Goosebumps will remind you of your home and ours.

Nourished and nurtured under the watchful eyes of a team of mothers, each of our products is infused with everything natural and of course, with Mother’s love.

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Community Favourites

  • Masala Guava

    From: 220.00

    Can you guess, which country is the highest producer of Guavas in the world? I-N-D-I-A. And we truly apologise to include it so late in our spread. Though the origin of Guavas is uncertain, a quick search online points at southern Mexico – hundreds of miles away from India. How did they reach here? Munch a few chunks and you might get the answer.

  • Masala Cranberry

    From: 200.00

    In a world craving for Apple, we present to you cranberries. As an Aftermeal. Perfectly dried and generously splashed with the masala. It will make you take your eyes off that Apple.

  • Masala Orange

    From: 220.00

    Masala Orange is an aftermeal, which tends to be an ‘after-drinks’ as well. Dried along with the peel of the fruit, it can help you get over your hangover. For the teetotallers, it still works as a digestive.

  • Chunda

    From: 200.00

    Chunda is most appropriately the morning achar. Just wipe it off with theplas, parathas or those special mom-made pancakes when you are breakfasting in a rush.

  • Gol Keri

    From: 200.00

    Gol is not round, its jaggery in Gujarati. You must have noticed how simple pickles can be of great linguistic importance. But right now, you are craving something sweet. With a little sour thrown in. And linguistics is of no concern.So dip into this rustic mango-jaggery melange and the only word you'll understand is mmmmmmmm.

  • Ker Sangri

    From: 200.00

    The Greek sounding name traces its roots to Mharo Rajasthan. While you were busy clicking selfies wearing their vibrant headgears, they were silently rustling up a delightful combination of the berry ker and the bean sangri, showered in spicy wonders. Khamma Ghani!

  • Olives and Jalapeno

    From: 220.00

    How do you convince an experienced pickle maker, all-traditional, strict mother to mix olives and jalapenos in a pickle? At first, we never dared. However, when we did – mother not only concocted a lovely recipe but also told us, “All art begins with experiments”. And that she loves James Bond movies too!

  • Tea (Chai) Masala

    From: 580.00

    ‘An impressive mix of tea masala to send the coffee markets plummeting’ this is how our coffee lover friends describe us. Oh yes, and since they have sued us, in protest we are not writing how awesome our tea masala is. Huh!

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