Giving good gifts heightens your chances
of receiving good gifts.

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You are judged by the gifts you give.

Take the first step with Goosebumps

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    Gift fruits in a never-imagined way

    From exotic ones like Kiwis and Cranberries to our own Mangoes and Oranges, dried and splashed with delicious masala. Every pack is brimming with flavours unique to each.

    You know the best

    Choose from over 12 hand-picked fruits. Gift exclusive ones in a pack or let the flavours blend to create assorted gift packs. Whatever be your choice, you are in for a surprise.

    With us, you can always judge a gift by the wrapping

    We know the difference between packaging and gift wrapping. Each of your gifts is packed delicately in the most impressive designs, created just for you.

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