A delicious way to show appreciation

They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Your teams have been working from home, putting their 110%, while managing their homes and families. It’s time to show a little appreciation for commitment, resilience and dedication.

With Goosebumps #CorporateGiftBox. An assortments of unique and loved varieties of pickles, fruit chocolates and snacks that no one can resist.


Keep the morale going

How do you build bonds and teams over screens? If you are grappling with this question, you are not alone. Less human interactions, more on-screen time, longer hours, all cause morale to fall and productively to dip.

That’s why we offer the Goosebumps #MoraleBoosterBox, a collection of delectable treats from the stable of Goosebumps guaranteed to brighten up people’s days.

Stay in their minds, forever.

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    Your gift. Your style.

    Goosebumps comes in a pack that’s customised just for you. Your brand colours or your product’s favourite shade, your company logo or just a graphic – every gift is just the way you want and safely packed with a shrink wrap.

    Nothing like too big or too much

    We deliver it to as many addresses as you wish. Nothing like receiving a gift when one isn’t expecting.

    Greeting card

    A few words – that’s all you need to add that ‘little something’ to your gifts. Just tell us your feelings and we’ll print a card to share them along with the gift.

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