We need to take care of everything we love. And if you love Goosebumps Pickles, here’s how you can express it.


The first thing to do when you receive a pack of Goosebumps Pickles is open it and carefully pour all the contents, till the last drop, in the pet bottle. We do not recommend storing it in the plastic pack. Also, transparent bottles ensure that you savour the pickle with every gaze.


All you need to indulge in Goosebumps Pickles is one clean, perfectly dry spoon. Ensure that the spoon is completely dry, without any moisture before you dip it in the pack.


We hate artificial preservatives. And our experience tells us that the best natural preservative is the oil, which we use sufficiently in our pickles. So, ensure that the pickle is dipped in oil at all times while storing. For those of you who think oil is bad, it’s preferred over artificial preservatives anyday.


All our pickles love cool and dry places. But we also have a few finicky ones who love lower temperatures. Kindly check the storage details and keep the pack in refrigeration, if advised.

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