• Masala Cranberries

      From: 200.00

      In a world craving for Apple, we present to you cranberries. As an Aftermeal. Perfectly dried and generously splashed with the masala. It will make you take your eyes off that Apple.

    • Masala Cherry Berry

      From: 220.00

      This assorted mix of dried fruits is like a football team. With thoughtfully picked strikers, defenders and midfielders in blueberry, cranberry and strawberry; led by Captain Cherry! One thing that makes it different is the missing goalkeeper. That makes hitting goals of deliciousness quite easy for the team.

    • Masala Strawberry

      From: 200.00

      Strawberry is a pseudo-berry. It's not even distantly related to berries. It actually belongs to the rose family. And to the Goosebumps after meals family, inheriting a treasure of irresistible flavours. So much so, that we are considering making it the legal heir of Goosebumps' empire of deliciousness.

    • Masala Blackberry

      From: 475.00

      Nourished and nurtured under the watchful eyes of a team of mothers. read more 5 Level Security Delicately packed in five leak-proof layers, the after meals are safe until they reach you. read more Submit your Feedback

    • Masala Cherry

      From: 200.00

      We are a socially conscious organization. We believe in giving back to the community in unprecedented ways. So does adding Masala Cherries to our range of After Meals make us a Cherry-table organization? We wonder.

    • Masala Blueberry

      From: 475.00

      Blueberries have a special place in our hearts. Mostly ‘cos they protect you against memory loss; which ensures that you never forget to order a pack of Masala Blueberries. Saving us the efforts of sending you reminders.

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