• Mulghai Pudi (Gun Powder)

      From: $3.75

      This reddish powder is committed to idlis and dosas for life. But with changing times and mindsets, it doesn’t bat an eyelid when asked to seduce khakras, bhakris or paranthas. “This generation, huh!”

    • Garam Masala

      From: $10.00

      The inspiration of every action-packed Bollywood blockbuster is born out of this Masala. Don’t believe us? Ask the Shettys of the reel world.

    • Methi Masala

      From: $3.25

      Methi Masala is a perfect partner – of humans and foods alike. In solitude, it amps up the mood of humans, and the taste of theplas, paranthas and more. So, next time when you feel lonely, you know who to reach out to.

    • Tea (Chai) Masala

      From: $8.75

      ‘An impressive mix of tea masala to send the coffee markets plummeting’ this is how our coffee lover friends describe us. Oh yes, and since they have sued us, in protest we are not writing how awesome our tea masala is. Huh!

    • Sambhar Masala

      From: $3.25

      Sambhar Masala is the sole reason why we are bombarded with messages, cards, flowers and gifts on … well … Mother’s Day! This Masala reminds them of their mothers, it seems. We’re not complaining, but Nirupa Roy and Rakhi must be feeling envious!

    • Rasam Masala

      From: $3.25

      Thanks to our mothers, we are unable to tell you much about the yummy Rasam Masala. Our beloved mothers, who otherwise cannot help sharing their ATM passwords with their distant cousins, have somehow managed to keep the secret behind this masala, a secret.

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